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Personal Injury Issues with Commercial Truck Accidents

Car accident injury cases involving commercial semi-trucks or "big rigs" have unique legal issues that will affect the settlement or trial outcome. An injury case involving an accident with a semi-truck or big rig will present some unique issues. Semi-truck operators must follow a number of federal and state regulations and are required to carry [...]

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Can Electronic Log Books Prevent Deadly Alabama Truck Accidents?

Fatigued driving is a major problem in the trucking industry and is the cause of numerous fatal and injurious truck accidents each year in Alabama. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) hopes to change by requiring bus drivers and truck drivers to utilize electronic log books. Fatigued driving is vexing problem, one that the [...]

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National Truck Accident Statistics

A variety of factors contribute to truck accidents. Some stem from negligence of a driver (the trucker or another driver), such as speeding or fatigue. Others are the result of faulty or defective equipment, such as tires or brakes. Improper loading is another cause; for instance, cargo that’s unbalanced or not secured. Statistics can help [...]

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18-wheeler Fire Shuts Down I-59/20, Prompts Evacuation

On Wednesday night, Birmingham emergency responders and hazardous material teams responded to a chemical spill from an 18-wheeler on Interstate 59/20 at the Arkadelphia Road exit. There are conflicting stories of what caused the chemical spill. Birmingham police spokesman Lt. Sean Edwards said two 18-wheelers were traveling northbound when one of them hit the other [...]

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