Jury Awards $300,000 to Family in Medical Malpractice Case

A jury ordered Noland Hospital Montgomery to pay $300,000 due to medical malpractice that led an 86-year-old woman to develop severe bedsores. The family of Katherine Hopkins, who died May 16, 2012 from unrelated complications, sued the long-term acute care hospital located at Jackson Hospital claiming the nurses there failed to turn and re-position the [...]

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Personal Injury Issues with Commercial Truck Accidents

Car accident injury cases involving commercial semi-trucks or "big rigs" have unique legal issues that will affect the settlement or trial outcome. An injury case involving an accident with a semi-truck or big rig will present some unique issues. Semi-truck operators must follow a number of federal and state regulations and are required to carry [...]

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Common Myths About Auto Accident Injury Lawsuits

Whether it's a relative or friend's past experiences, media exposure or general assumptions about lawsuits, no one can predict the outcome of an auto accident case. This unique area of law indicates that predicting the outcome of an auto accident case is impractical as experienced lawyers explain some of the common myths associated with these [...]

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Sawyer Law Firm Settles GM Ignition Switch Recall Case

ENTERPRISE, AL - Sawyer Law Firm recently settled a product liability case involving the crash of a 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt which claimed the life of a 20 year old Coffee County woman. The crash was a single-vehicle accident for which there was little explanation at the time. The recent GM ignition switch recall prompted Sawyer [...]

Sawyer Law Firm Files Dental Malpractice Case

DOTHAN, AL - Sawyer Law Firm LLC has filed a dental malpractice case against a dentist in which it is alleged that the patient was improperly sedated for a dental procedure. The patient underwent “conscious sedation” which involves the administration of sedatives and analgesics. These medications result in the patient becoming drowsy, sleepy and relaxed [...]

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Sawyer Law Firm Settles Texting Accident Case

GAINESVILLE, FL - Sawyer Law Firm recently settled a personal injury case involving a serious motor vehicle accident that occurred on I-75 just outside of Gainesville, FL. The driver of the vehicle who caused the accident was "texting" while driving at a high rate of speed in the southbound lane of traffic. The driver did [...]

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Sawyer Law Firm Settles Product Liability Case

ENTERPRISE, AL - Sawyer Law Firm recently resolved a case involving a defective dental drill. While the dentist was performing a routine procedure with the drill, the head of the drill exploded. As a result, the drill chuck and dental bur were discharged into the patient’s mouth. The patient aspirated the drill bit into her [...]

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Montgomery Nursing Home Held Responsible for Resident’s Death

ENTERPRISE, AL – Sawyer Law Firm was recently successful in securing an award in a wrongful death lawsuit against a Montgomery based nursing home chain. On January 10, an arbitrator ruled that Capitol Hill Nursing Home had caused the wrongful death of a resident and entered an award of $400,000 in favor of the family. [...]

Sawyer Law Firm Receives Award for Client

MONTGOMERY, AL - An arbitration panel has ruled that a Montgomery, Alabama nursing home caused the wrongful death of a resident in 2011. Following a week-long arbitration, the panel entered an award of $375,000 against South Haven Nursing Home. The 77-year old resident was admitted to South Haven on January 28, 2011 for the purpose [...]

Sawyer Law Firm Settles Bed Entrapment Lawsuit

HAMILTON, AL - Sawyer Law Firm LLC has recently settled a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of an Alabama man who died as a result of becoming entrapped by the rail of his hospital bed. "This was an absolute tragedy," said attorney J.P. Sawyer. "This poor man went into the hospital for bronchitis and died [...]